I started teaching yoga, bootcamp, and nutrition series to help others feel the best they can feel and live healthy lifestyle.
— Vicky Luedtke

Vicky's passion for fitness, yoga, and nutrition has made such an impact in her life. As a mom, wife, and nurse, her philosophy towards fitness are all the essentials of a healthy lifestyle: vitality, nutrition, beauty, strength, confidence and self-respect. Founder of Soul Studio, her programs are based on strength condition, nutrition, and high intensity full body cardio. Her passion continues to grow in her practice of Nutritional Response Testing, certification of Jillian Michael's the Shred, and certified yoga instructor. As a professional, Vicky enjoys running, yoga, spending time with her family, and creating new programs for Soul Studio.



Certified Fitness Instructor

Certified Yoga Instructor

Certified Barre Instructor

Certified Body Shred by Jillian Michael's Instructor

Certified Whole Food Practitioner

NRT Practitioner