Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos- the trees, the clouds, everything.     -Thich Nhat Hanh

Soul Studio is a great place to work out! Thanks to Soul Studio after 17 years and raising 3 boys I’m finally getting back to taking care of myself. So happy that I took the 6 week challenge, it’s fun to meet new people and go through this experience as part of a team. The online support has been a great incentive to keep me going. Thanks to Vicky and Andrea for the great no judgment workouts. It’s hard to get back in shape it’s nice that I can push myself as far as my body can go without pushing myself to keep up with everyone else.
If you want to get back in shape I would encourage you to join a Soul Studio 6 week challenge and push yourself to your limits.
— Judy G.
Soul Studio is a fabulous community filled with uplifting and motivating trainers and workout buddies! The class sizes are small and intimate and the trainers all do a fantastic job of creating action-packed workouts; many last only 30 minutes. I really appreciate Vicky’s philosophy behind her 6 week transformation challenge and think she’s really on to something here! And there are plenty of success stories to prove it! I’m in the middle of a 6 week challenge now and aspire to be another one of Soul Studio’s success stories!
I would recommend anyone who is looking for motivation to gain energy, shed some pounds and join a community to check out Soul Studio!
— Michelle B.
Soul Studio is amazing! The instructors are helpful and the classes are challenging and fun at the same time! I’ve learned how to eat healthy, lose weight and get toned. I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in and I have more energy than ever before. I highly suggest Soul Studio to anyone who is looking to make a long term change in their health and weight.
— Amy H.
I am a person that usually gives up myself.. The Soul Studio has been by far the best thing I have joined in my entire life. They wont let me give up on myself and the support from the trainers are amazing!! Even if I don’t win my challenge I have already one with the knowledge I have gained from this studio on living a clean and healthy way of life! Not to mention all the other support from the community of the soul tribe!! My goal is to become the best person I can be!!!
— Nancy G.
Love Soul Studio. Such a fun and inspiring place to go and change your life! Love it and highly recommend it!
— Sarah B
I am so happy I found Soul Studio. I’ve never had a more supportive community in a gym than I have here. I started with the 6 week challenge which was a perfect way to kick start my health and fitness journey. Now after the 6 weeks is up, I’m looking forward to continuing and supporting the challengers as members did to me! The instructors are great and the classes are challenging and empowering! Highly recommend Soul Studio to anyone looking for support, great classes and great people!
— Jillian K
I did the challenge and followed the meal plan, went to the classes, and changed my life! I have my confidence back, stronger than I’ve been in a decade, and lost 11.5 inches and 19 pounds! Amazing place with support from coaches and fellow tribe members!
— Jeanna D
I took the challenge and did something I never thought I could do...I lost weight! And I changed my eating habits for the better. I’m continuing on my weight loss journey with Soul Studio and I’m blessed to have each and every one of them to help me.
— Aime K
I signed up 6 weeks ago for the challenge and it was THE BEST decision!! Vicky and all the instructors genuinely care about your success! The Soul Studio community is supportive, inspiring, encouraging and FUN!! SIGN UP—don’t waste another day!!
— Jennifer M
Soul Studio is AMAZING! I have been working out here since September and I love it! Vicky, Crissy, Bri, Licia and Eva are amazing!! They motivate me and push me harder every time I am there! Not only have I changed physically, I am healthier mentally! Thank you ladies for everything you do. You are amazing and beautiful people!
— Victoria T.
I’ve been a member of countless gyms and I’ve finally found my solution. The schedule works perfectly with mine and the workouts are awesome. Love this place!
— Nikki H.
LIFE CHANGING - after struggling with hypothyroidism and the weight gain of two pregnancies, Soul Studio gave me the support and structure I needed!
— Jennifer M. T.
I love coming to soul studio. I have been a member since april 2015. I love working out in a group setting. Everyone has different goals. No one judges you. We help each other and push one another to achieve more. Its not like they gym where no one cares. You have Vicky and Crissy who is always there to help. And make sure you get what you need.
— Danielle J.
There isn’t a day where I don’t feel excited walking through the doors to Soul Studio. The coaches have amazing energy, knowledge, and motivation. The workouts are challenging but possible so there’s no excuse not to wake up and workout. The members are so supportive and fun to work side by side with!
— Bonnie B.
The 6 week challenge was great to find motivation and lose weight! Vicky is an awesome instructor and gets you moving! The 30 minute boot camps were great to get your workout done if you have time restraints. I would highly recommend starting your journey now with Soul Studio to find the healthier you!! Don’t say tomorrow, start today:)
— Amanda M.
Absolutely love all of the classes! I couldn’t have asked for better support from Vicky, her team, and everyone else part of the Soul family!
— Katie S.
This is a fabulous full service lifestyle changer. The support and assistance I have received from the staff at SOUL Studio has been life changing for me, my husband and several loved ones.
— Becky H.