Workout Wednesday: Amped

WW: Pre, Mid, and Post Workout

So when should you take the protein shakes and whey powder? What kind of supplements should I take during my workouts? Do you take it before or after my fitness classes? How do I fuel up to get the optimal workout and have my muscles recover after? Trust us, these questions always come up. It is always a good idea to fuel up any time you are about to do a workout.  

We recommend that you fuel up before, during, and after your workouts with supplements and protein shakes. Recommend an hour before with a shake and 15-30 minutes for the Pre Amped power. For those who are working out for 30-45 minutes, we recommend that you fuel up with Amped fuel to protect your muscles from breakdown and hydrate for injecting your body with electrolytes. 

Last, recovery. Having a post-workout supplement with branched-chain amino acids to help your muscles rebuild after workouts. And it will prevent from muscle soreness. We recommend that you have Amped Recover and a IsaLean Pro shake. Fueling after your workout is best within 30 minutes. We have provided below information that will help your fitness journey!


Each AMPED product is designed for a specific time frame—before, during, or after your workout. While you can pick and choose which products to use for your training, using the system as a whole will yield the best results. Here are a few things to consider before using the AMPED product line.


AMPED uses nutritional timing to enhance your workout. Products are used before, during, and after training to help your body prepare, sustain, and recover for maximum results. From the moment you step out the front door until hours after exercise, the products in the AMPED line work together to help support and improve every angle of your athletic performance.

A pre-workout supplement to prepare your body for better strength and power before workouts. AMPED Power is designed as a pre-workout supplement that should be taken daily (and for those who want, even on non-workout days based on research on creatine and brain health), up to two times per day.

A pre-workout shot to support nitric oxide production so you can train harder and longer.






A conveniently packaged mid-workout gel to sustain energy and fuel your body for sustained endurance. AMPED Fuel is designed to be taken during your workout to sustain energy, protect muscles from breakdown, and support endurance. It’s a great product to be taken mid-workout during endurance training or as needed at intervals between intense bouts of training.

AMPED Hydrate can be taken at any time–before, during, and after a workout–for optimal hydration with added electrolytes and vitamins.






AMPED Recover
A post-workout supplement with branched-chain amino acids to help your muscles rebuild after workouts. 




IsaPro – High-quality whey protein concentrate for athletes and active adults who want less carbohydrates and fats in their diet.

e+™ – Natural caffeine plus Adaptogens give you a pre-workout energetic boost so you can get fired up and conquer at the gym.†

Ionix® Supreme – Adaptogens and natural botanicals help combat the negative effects of physical stress.†

Why is it important to use a pre-workout product like AMPED Power?

AMPED Power is unique in combining Nitrosigine® and citrulline that support better oxygen and nutrient delivery to working muscles, along with creatine that serves to replenish adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in working muscles. ATP is especially important in high-intensity exercise. The result is increased strength and more intense workouts.

Do I need AMPED Recover if I’m already taking IsaPro?

Taking either AMPED Recover or IsaPro® will support recovery after a workout. However, their combination will enhance the benefit of each by helping your body hit the upper threshold of muscle protein synthesis.+

Most of the time, I lift weights during my workouts. Which AMPED products are best for me?

Depending on the length and intensity of the training session, any of the AMPED products provide benefits for resistance or strength training. Both
AMPED NOx and AMPED Power are ideal since this type of exercise requires large
amounts of force and the muscles require oxygen and nutrient delivery as well
as fast replenishment of the high-energy compound adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

AMPED Hydrate can be sipped on during the workout to maintain hydration and replace electrolytes lost though sweat. If the length of the training session is extended, AMPED Fuel can provide easily digestible carbohydrates to sustain energy. AMPED Fuel can also be used to support performance during high intensity training or to boost energy.+

AMPED Recover provides BCAAs that should be taken after any strength-training session. AMPED Recover also includes L-carnitine to support the muscle rebuilding process.+ For maximum results, take AMPED Recover with IsaPro or IsaLean PRO Shake.

Who should use the AMPED product line?

The AMPED line was specifically designed for athletes. However, it’s also great for the everyday athlete and those who enjoy weightlifting, running, cycling, yoga, or playing sports. If you’re looking for greater strength, muscle building, or increased endurance, AMPED can help you improve your performance and your results.

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