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Back to School: Add a Nutritional Breakfast on the Go! 

Now that the kids are getting back to school, appointments and activities are being filled in your daily schedule. Being active in your kids school activities, getting them to school in the morning, running errands, and getting your self to work, we tend to miss out on our most important meal of the day, breakfast. Not anymore! Did you know that you can get 23 vitamins and minerals, 24 grams of protein, gluten and soy free, protein shake on the go? ISALEAN® SHAKE is a delicious, convenient, and nutritionally complete meal replacement. The best way to nourish your body when you are juggling a busy life. With so many flavors, and now available in non-dairy, breakfast and any other meal just became deliciously healthy. 

Why are IsaLean Shakes so important for the body?

IsaLean Shakes provide balanced nutrients to maximize nutrition while minimizing caloric intake for safe weight loss and effective weight management. Our exclusive shakes also have added enzymes to break down the carbohydrates, proteins and fats for maximum absorption of key nutrients. (

What makes IsaLean Shakes unique?

IsaLean Shakes contain superior nutrition compared to other meal replacement shakes on the market. IsaLean Shakes contain exclusively sourced Myo-IsaLean Complex, the highest-quality whey protein from cows that are not treated with hormones or routine antibiotics. IsaLean Shakes also contain Ionic Alfalfa™—our proprietary alfalfa juice concentrate enriched in ionic minerals to keep the body running at peak performance.

IsaLean is not just for athletes who wants to build lean muscle, achieve weight loss goals, and gain energy. This is for everyone! Soul Studio only uses the best of the best and we care what goes in your body! To learn more about this amazing super food click here. 

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