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Soul Hike

  • Interstate State Park 307 Milltown Road Taylors Falls, MN, 55084 United States (map)

Join us on our First Day Hike at Interstate State Park in Taylor's falls, part of a collaboration with Hiking The North. Join our Soul Coach and hiking enthusiast Eva for an approximately 4 mile guided hike on 3 different trails. This is an all day event. Trails are from moderate to challenging terrain. Bring water, binoculars, and a camera. Dress appropriately for the weather.

About the Park

Interstate State Park includes 293 acres of diverse plant and wildlife habitat. Established in 1895, it protects a unique landscape and globally-significant geology along the St. Croix River. A billion years ago, dark basalt rock formed here when lava escaped from a crack in the earth’s crust. Just ten thousand years ago, water from melting glaciers carved the river valley. Within that water were fast moving whirlpools of swirling sand and water that wore deep holes into the rock. Today, we call these holes glacial potholes and you can see more than 400 examples of them at the park

Trail Highlights 

Glacial Potholes Area 0.5 miles one-way (or 8 city blocks) Asphalt • Bare rock • Gravel • Short stairs Explore the unique glacial potholes, walk on top of ancient lava, and walk down stairs into the Bake Oven Pothole. How many of the potholes can you fine?

River Trail 1.25 miles one-way (or 21 city blocks) Bare rock • Gravel • Short stairs • Up and downhill trail Visit scenic overlooks of the St. Croix River and watch for great blue herons, turkey vultures and bald eagles.

Railroad Trail 1.5 miles one-way (or 25 city blocks) Gravel • Some stairs • Eastern mile is at Walk the route of the old Northern Pacic Railroad and view sandstone cliffs formed on top of the older basalt.

Sandstone Bluffs Trail 1 mile loop (or 17 city blocks) Packed dirt • Over 200 stairs • Steep • Switchbacks Enjoy spring wildflowers, a small intermittent waterfall, and a stunning overlook of the valley.

What to Bring (The Essentials)

  • Comfortable, broken-in hiking boots or shoes
  • Backpack
  • Lunch!
  • Water (At least one liter per person)
  • Snacks (trail-mix and Isagenix Bars are always a good choice)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Lip balm
  • Hat
  • Camera
  • Any First Aid items that is required for your well-being (personal medications, epi-pens).  Please be sure to communicate any medical issues in a private conversation with the guides.

There is a $5 dollar fee for all day access to the park. Please contact if you have any questions! 


$25 Dollars for the Soul Hike. Please click below to purchase your fun day of adventure!