Believe in your body, mind, and soul. Do this and you will manifest a beautiful self!
— Eva

Eva's fitness journey began many years ago. It was a on and off relationship with fitness until she finally found her home in Soul Studio. After joining one of Soul Studio's six week challenges, she found her forever love once again for fitness. Eva loves sharing her passion with new members and existing members. Eva also loves the outdoors and goes hiking every chance she gets. So staying fit is crucial. You can find her hiking adventures in her website Hiking The North.

SOME OF MY HOBBIES: Fitness, Hiking, camping, backpacking, snowshoeing, journaling (not really good at writing FYI), playing with my dog Jackson Allan, drag racing, reading, traveling.

WHAT I DO LIKE: My Honda Accord Bella, eating healthy (trying to go full raw vegan), my beautiful Schnoodle Jackson Allan, outdoor gear, making big campfires, interior design, reading, my planners, isagenix protein shakes, fruits, amazon prime, my iPhone and MacBook Pro, music. 

I WOULD LOVE TO: Hike, backpack, snowshoe, or camp all 67 state parks in Minnesota. We are currently at number 3.