I love coaching and training others because you see this incredible shift in their energy and attitude when they push themselves out of their comfort zones and finish extremely hard workouts they did not think they could do
— Briana Koch

Briana was born and raised in a small town outside of Buffalo, NY before moving to Minnesota in 2009. She loves to workout, motivate and help others, watch movies, go to her cabin on Leech Lake, spend time with friends and family, travel and volunteer, especially at the Ronald McDonald House. Briana has two dogs, a Bernese Mountain dog, Ludo and a mixed breed, Bailey. She has an angel baby, Aiden who would be 2 on March 30th and due with another baby boy in July. Briana started the Red Wagon Movement to help others find hope and inspiration during times of hardship and loss.  

The more I help others, the more it helps me and some people don’t realize how much of an impact they can have on other people around them.


Health and Fitness is so important for people to learn and understand and make become part of their lifestyle. It pushes people past their comfort zones and brings confidence into people.